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PPV #10: Perverted Utopia

1.11.2019, The Forum, Institute for Advanced Studies, UCL, 6-8pm.

Perverted Utopia: The Politics of Fictional Institutions and Other Communist Pyramids”

A lecture by Gluklya

The practice of Natalya Pershina-Yakimanskaya (Gluklya) closely orbits the notion of utopian agency as a strategy to critique power, and to awaken sensitivity to everyday oppression and its normalising effects.

In projects such as “Carnival of the Oppressed Feelings”, “Museum of Utopian Clothes” and “Utopian Unemployment Union” the notion of distance from reality plays a crucial role in destabilising the institution and its hierarchies, which naturally tend towards closing down potentialities for change and reform, or of any deviations from the chosen path; and in the construction of new forms and structures - such as communist pyramids, composed of human bodies - which might function as deviant engines for rebellion or change.

PPV invites Gluklya for an evening of utopian, perverted and pyrammidal reflections on the agency of resistance in her continuous artisic practice, which create heterotopic public spaces, agoras in times of extreme (hidden, invisibilised and therefore normalised) alienation, capitalisation and commercialisation.

Gluklya's artist talk will be followed by an interactive workshop where the audience will be invited to become co-authors of the growing perverted community (perhaps rhizomatic, perhaps pyrammidal) of utopian institutions challenging the static, everlasting nature of the political status quo.

🥒18.00 - 18:30: artist talk by Gluklya (moderated by PPV convenors)

🥒18.30 - 18:45: Q&A with the audience

🥒18.45 - 19:15: utopian institutionalism co-creation workshop

🥒19:15 - 20.00: reception


PPV#10 is organised in collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Art at the UCL Department the History of Art.


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